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4 Types of Signage Retailer Shan’t Ignore

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Getting noticed is one of the best ways to attracts customers and drives sales towards a successful physical retail business. How? Smart retailers may answer you like, “Start with signage.”

So, why do you think signs play an important role in a store? In retrospect, signage is a good, effective way to increase foot traffic and connect with your market when decorating your store. On the other side, you have to do it right because if not, it can cause confusion.

In creating signage, you might have to consider being specific and clear, writing a headline text, and make a call to action. The color, visibility, messaging, and quality of signs would also create an impact on your target audiences.

Furthermore, as we are discussing stuff about good signage, here are the five most vital kinds of retail signage you should ponder on when starting up your brick-and-mortar store:

Outdoor Signage

Perhaps, most of the retailers would agree that outdoor signage is the most important kind of signage in physical retail. Why? Because basically, it’s what gets customers in the door! Outdoor signage gives the first impression to customers towards your business.

These kinds of signage have to merely say things about you—or your brand—and have to be inviting that even your not-yet-customers would want something from you. Placement also needs a strategy. You might want to place your signage where it is visible all people passing by your store. Also, be patient; for effective signage might have to encourage people passing by many times before they finally give your store a visit.

Outdoor signage can be in form of sidewalk signs, entrance signs, awnings, or window signs.

Informational Signage 

Informational signage—also be known as departmental, directional, organizational, or wayfinding signage—are signage that helps the customer roam around your area easier. Well, customers like comfort whenever they navigate in a store. Through that signage, they would easily find what they came in for, that would also declare a huge probability that they would come back to your store in the future.

Well, directional signage is easy to understand because it merely tells customers where to go. Just as all sorts of signage, informational signage need to be short but understandable. It has to be easy to be read. You might have to consider using large, bold fonts in highly-visible color schemes to maximize its use.

Persuasive Signage 

Persuasive signage—that can advertise a particular product or promotion, create an impact on customer flow, and develop interactivity with unnoticed products—usually utilizes its convincing powers through language or attractive imagery. These signs also announce something about a particular type of product offer, which is an opportunity for a businessman to converse precise details of new, seasonal, or featured items.

Basically, persuasive signage can help a brand to effectively communicate with its customers—making a regular product turn into a popular gold-to-be-dug. Also, effective persuasive messaging can produce greater perceived value for products, improve retail sales, and intensify brand awareness and recall.


Perhaps, it is unusual for you to see mats being used as signs, but, to tell you, these mats are the most versatile signage above all.

Mats are not just used for safety and cleanliness needs, it can also be utilized for promotional and informational purposes. Take, for example, you’d feature something on it—simply, you can advertise your logo. You may use this stuff for branding purposes, directional wayfinding within the store to lead the client to sale merchandise.

When you try to invest on these kinds of signage, you have to analyze them with such honest manner. It’s like you are entering your store as a first time customer. See with bear eyes and mind what’s flawless and those which may be confusing. Create a consistent brand and practice it throughout your business—be it on your outdoor signage to your website. When the time comes that you can say that you became successful of such, I’m sure; you’ll get a good fight towards leveraging signage to your merchandising benefit and cashing in while you’re at it.

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