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3 Merchandising Tips by Top Retailers for the Holiday Season

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The holiday season always brings out the best in retailers and merchandisers alike. It’s a magical time of year when window displays shine like mystic beacons and entire stores transform into winter wonderlands. When your retail display ideas play into the season and improve the customer experience, everyone wins. To help you get started with your end of year merchandising, we’ve gathered 3 excellent tips from a few experts that will facilitate festivities and increase sales at the same time.

1.    Get into the spirit with festive decorations and displays

Our first Pro Tip comes from the Retail Doctor who says that a few high-quality, strategically placed decorations can help set the entire mood of your store. You don’t need to over do it here, but a few extra touches can go a long way. The Doctor’s secret prescription for drawing in customers: window displays that play into the magic of the season. You can use small lights to add a glowing aura to the display to really draw in outside traffic.

Get more great advice from the Doc in his article, Should You Decorate Your Retail Store for The Holidays.

2. Stock up on stocking stuffers for merchandising

The pros over at Light Speed POS recommend stocking up on small, impulse buy gifts that will make excellent stuffers this year. Inexpensive, practical and fun items below $20 can really add up once customers get into a holiday shopping frenzy. For example, high-quality headphones with low-cost bass technology have become a popular item for hipsters listening to the best electronic music in the world. You can use corrugated display stands with pegboard hooks to inspire customers to purchase quick, easy gifts, such as these headphones, that everyone will love.

For more ideas, check out their article, Getting Ready for the Holidays.

3. Review site search traffic; design store signs around trends

I love SLI-System’s suggestion to utilize technology and omni-channel consumer behavior. They suggest storeowners leverage information from their website’s site search log. This provides real time information of trends and topics that your customers desire. Once you know what they are searching for you can create signage that directly speaks to their interests and gives them exactly what they want. Be sure to use professional retail accessories, such as Clip Strip Corp’s high-quality metal or  plastic sign holders to display your messages. If you really want to be heard, then design a beautiful banner and hang it in a prominent point of purchase position with ceiling hangers and a high-quality banner hanger.

Get more mobile merchandising tips for the holidays with their holiday infographic.


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